Vyacheslav Akhunov

Title: Preserves and Conservation, Pasteurization and Sterilization at Home, 1980-1987

Title in Original Language: Консервы и консервация, пастеризация и стерилизация в домашних условиях, 1980-1987

Author/s | Creator/s: Vyacheslav Akhunov

Artwork-Medium: notebook, drawing, writing, ink, pen, pencil, ball pen, collage

Artwork-Dimensions | Length: 830 pp. 12,94x20,39 cm.

Year of Creation: 1980-1987

Place of Creation: Osh-Ferghana

Courtesy: by the artist

Keywords: Socialist Modernism, Conceptualism, Akhunov, archive

Access level: on-line

Description: The pattern book from the Socialist Modernism series made by the artist, as home album and simulated family album among others.