Rustam Khalfin

Name: Pulota

Title in the original language: Пулота 

Author(s) / Creator(s): Rustam Halfin

Technique: Object, baked clay

Size / Duration: 15x15 cm .

Year of creation: The 1990s

Place of creation: Almaty

Provided by: OF Asia Art+

Keywords: surplus element; pulota

Access level: on-line

Description: Pulota - (void+fullness rus.) the simplest plastic object obtained between the fingers clenched into a fist. It is a kind of so-called "additional element" of art (according to K. Malevich). According to Halfin, it goes back to the tactile culture of nomads, the concept of "Kut" ("grace" in the Turkic culture), and the everyday tradition of modeling dry salted cheese - kurt.